Elizabeth Giuliani Describes Hiking Trolltunga and the Beauty of Western Norway

Avid traveler Elizabeth Giuliani describes hiking Troltunga with her son and the beauty of Western Norway.

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota
Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota

Western Norway is a unique part of the world, famed for its postcard-worthy fjords and Alpine mountains that look as though they’ve sprouted out of the sea. Avid traveler Elizabeth Giuliani, from Sarasota, FL ventured to this unforgettable part of the world with her son nearly one year ago.
During this adventure, Elizabeth Giuliani and her son Giovanni adventured on the guided trek to Troltunga. This is one of Western Norway’s most popular hiking adventures, leading roughly 1,200 meters above sea level to some of the most jaw-dropping views in all of Europe and arguably the world. The hike takes six hours in each direction to complete, totaling up to 12 hours of hiking. Elizabeth Giuliani explained that the hike is most ideally enjoyed as an overnight adventure, so hikers can experience the sunset and sunrise amongst the gorgeous Troltunga terrain.

It’s a hike Elizabeth Giuliani and Giovanni would recommend to anyone. Giuliani stated that the two opted for a fully guided hike, which took all of the stress out of planning and ensured they wouldn’t miss any iconic stops along the way. Elizabeth Giuliani described that the guides had everything arranged as they reach their campsite. Arriving exhausted, a great weight was lifted knowing they did not have to assemble tents, build a bonfire, and cook dinner or breakfast the next morning. The campsite was located at the top of Troltunga, which Elizabeth Giuliani explained must be one of the most stunning campsites in the world.

Elizabeth Giuliani described a bit more about her and her son’s Western Norway adventure, apart from the Troltunga trek, for those who are interested in visiting this part of the world. She explained that visitors will want at least a couple of full days to explore the city of Bergen alone. Other notable sites Elizabeth Giuliani suggested visiting are the famed Majestic Fjords Route. She

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota
Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota

stated this is another adventure that’s best enjoyed with a guide, as they can direct visitors to all of the most iconic sites along the way, including the Tvindefossen waterfall and the deepest and longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjord.

Elizabeth Giuliani remarked on other notable sites she and her son Giovani enjoyed on their Western Norway adventure. These included Sognefjellet and the Skywalk, Geiranger Fjord, the Leon Skylift, and the countless small towns they noticed along the way. Elizabeth Giuliani explained that it wasn’t necessarily the iconic sites that made their trip complete, many of the lesser-known villages, waterfalls, and lookouts showed just how beautiful the scenery and the culture of Western Norway really is.

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